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Creative Writing Festival!

Enter by March 27

Contest Info

All contestants will share excerpts of their writing submissions April 5, 2017.


An awards ceremony will follow in the LPAT.


Winners participate in a masters class with special guest author Jennifer Brown in the LMS Library!


Enter as many times as you wish!

Category Limitations Description Entry Format
Screenplay** Maximum of 10 double spaced pages. A work (fiction or non-fiction) written in a fashion that can be performed; i.e., primarily comprising dialogue and some stage/screen direction and exposition. Google or Word document
Poetry One poem minimum of four lines Poems can be read aloud or can be shown via multimedia with music and art. Google/Word document, web based presentation tool link (permissions must be set to anyone with a link can view)
Song Lyrics** Three verses Recorded and produced into an MP3 file. May use prerecorded music with original lyrics. MP3 file or web based link (i.e. YouTube)
Short Realistic Fiction Maximum of 10 double spaced pages Tells a story with fictional characters and events that could really happen. Google or Word document
Short Unrealistic short fiction Maximum of 10 double spaced pages Tells a story with fictional characters and events that could NOT really happen. Google or Word document
Fan Fiction Maximum of 10 double spaced pages A new story based in the world created by a well-known author. Google or Word document
Monologue/Speech Maximum 8 minutes Original informational or personal narrative speech performed live and recorded YouTube link
Children's Story Illustrated** Maximum 10 pages with text and illustrations Original artwork and text written for a young audience. Physical book with multiple pages or electronic book using web based link
Storytelling** 6-minutes maximum performed live and recorded An original story told using blocking, different voices, etc to dramatize the work. YouTube link
Multimedia** 5-minutes maximum performance A creative work that combines more than one medium and/or genre, such as a work combining painting and poetry, an audio presentation of a written work, or a stand-alone media like a short film or book trailer. YouTube or another web based link
Writing prompt challenge Maximum of 10 double-spaced pages An original story incorporating three elements given as a prompt; i.e. Hairbrush, Christmas tree, letter from an admirer. Google or Word document
** Categories that may be submitted by an individual or pair/partners.
Use an easy to read font size 11 or 12

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